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Our CEO, Nick Singer has been a visionary and entrepreneur for 45 years, has developed new products in many industries, has started multiple companies, served in executive management for many corporations and has 70 patents issued. Sustain It Global was founded in 2015 and is the incubator for patented, innovative, EV and Solar platforms, auto accessories, food products and healthcare concepts. Currently Nick singer has 2 California corporations:

1. Hooray Agency/Hyperdisk Marketing Inc. incorporated in 1995.
Hooray Agency is a well-established marketing company that specializes in full-service marketing for large resorts and Hotels. https://www.hooray.agency

2. Sustain it Global/Coal Farm Inc. incorporated in 2015. SIG is an Incubator and proof of concept company

Our current patent portfolio contains over 70 patents in the following industries:

We are an Idea Incubator creating proof of concept solutions to consumer problems and seeking to partner with makers to bring them to market.

Sustainability in environmental issues and inclusive stewardship are at the core of who we are at Sustain It Global. Within each of our business silos we consistently move toward our goal of minimizing any adverse impact to the environment from our processes and our products, by constantly innovating new ways to do things that add value to the planet and the people that live here.



Trucks are the workhorses of the nation, but since the advent of the extra cab and luxury interiors, they are now family vehicles as well. How can we add utility to these vehicles to expand the functional and sustainable use of the vehicle?


Truck-N-Cover has 40 patents that cover a full range of accessories for Trucks, SUVs, and Vans.

Design truck bed accessory products that provide expanded and functional work and recreational advantages over an empty truck bed, enabling them to be used as daily transport, but also as family recreational vehicles.



Renewable energy via solar is a well-established sustainable industry but how can we expand the possible capture of solar energy in each square foot of a solar installation?


Solar Platforms has a patent pending for a solar array that has 3-5 times the solar capability in a given footprint than is currently in the marketplace

Rapidly improving technology .will upgrade the effectiveness of Photo Voltaic panels, but our solar arrays can multiply the effectiveness of these PV panels to enable 3-5 times the solar impact in the same footprint.



Over 100 billion annual single-serve coffee capsules ending up in global landfills each year is an egregious example of post consumer waste begging for an immediate solution


Kwik Koffee has 8 patents that cover a full range of new single serve coffee products, with great taste and zero waste, and equipment to challenge the 100 billion annual plastic K-cups and aluminum Nespresso capsule products.

Invent new methods to create a great cup of single-serve coffee, without using a disposable capsule and then pack these products in bio-degradable materials that also minimize waste.



Conventional large trucks and motorhomes have huge front windshields that conventional wiper-blades do not adequately cover in rainy weather and are shockingly inadequate in snowy, muddy or bug infested conditions.


Windshield Clean has 10 patents that cover a full range of windshield cleaning systems for Motorhomes, trucks, and cars.

Innovate solutions to these problems by designing new products that work in all weather conditions and provide a safer driving experience.

Health Care


During the covid pandemic masks were mandated, but often they were proven to be ineffective and provided close to zero protection. Perhaps a mask should be effective and used to quarantine the sick?


N95 Encapsulation Unit has a patent issued for a low-cost pandemic protective mask and has new designs moving forward as a continuation patent.

A mask that fully encapsulates the head and has a unique neck seal and a variety of filters to provide complete isolation of the person wearing the mask


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